Welcome to the Meadow and Pine Offsets Program. An afforestation project created by Eric and Sarah, owners of the Meadow and Pine Homestead, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Laid out like a quilt on a country bed, they own nearly 640 acres of current prairie. They hope to achieve their goal of creating a forest within 40 years with the help and donations of Colorado locals as well as savvy businesses and individuals across the country and globe to offset as much carbon dioxide emissions as they can to leave an influential and worthy legacy for their children. They absolutely do not utilize any form of government funding- the project grows only with the support of people interested in the program. It is their hope that this legacy and passion is shared in by you- their potential donors, friends and tree whisperers- for your businesses, families and the future of this planet. It seems like a massive undertaking with minimal reward, but in truth, all it takes is one tree at a time. The positive impact one tree creates for an ecosystem is palpable. Cleaner air, lower city temperatures, healthier citizens, more wildlife, reduced erosion- the effects of one tree are amazing. The power to grow an entire forest with the same result but on a global scale, that's seemingly magical. And that power and magic is within you. Eric and Sarah are humbled by your shared passion and appreciative of your time and consideration. Welcoming you into their lives here at the Meadow and Pine Homestead.

For more information, or to get to know Eric and Sarah better, follow their blog.

Eric and Sarah fully understand that not everyone shares in their enthusiasm for offsetting carbon dioxide, respecting the beliefs of others on the same level of mindfulness as their own. They hope that any opposition to this project is met with maturity and relative kindness.