A carbon offset is a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, also known as greenhouse gases, created to compensate, or "offset" carbon dioxide emissions made elsewhere. For example, a man-made forest created in Colorado Springs with offsets donated by businesses and individuals, locally and globally. One tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, and within it's life can eliminate close to 1 ton from the earth. For those of us who are not strong in the art of math, a ton in the United States is 2,000 pounds. Now imagine what a forest can do.
I'm going to be real with you. You are the reason you should buy an offset, or several. You are the reason there is smog, and compromised health issues regarding air quality and rising city temperatures from the increased amounts of cement production. You are the cause of deforestation and the displacement of wildlife from city expansions and population increases. In the U.S 35% of the CO2 emissions are caused by the use of electricity. This includes lights, heat and A.C, computers, servers, phones, and more. While using more efficient lightbulbs in your house and office is a great start, it barely covers the amount of carbon dioxide that is displaced quite like a single tree. The second largest source of emissions is transportation, coming in at 32%. While yes, smart cars and carpooling also help, how many of you actually want to give up your SUV with the heated booty seats or family car to share a ride with that coworker you don't really know or like? Buying an offset is a simple and highly effective way to reduce your carbon footprint-the amount of carbon dioxide you personally are releasing with your lifestyle- beyond lightbulbs and shared rides. You can be part of a perpetual "feel good" cause. And you don't even have to get your hands dirty. We'll do that for you.
To some, this would seem a bit pricy. But let me break this down for you. How much is your monthly electric bill? Yearly? That's what I thought. This one time purchase covers the type of tree you decide to choose from our list of different species provided, thoroughly researched and reviewed by us, the Forest Preserve and many local nurseries to ensure each species will thrive at the Meadow and Pine Homestead. This also includes the appropriate placement and lifetime maintenance of your tree as well as the replacement cost, should the tree we plant not survive due to circumstances beyond our control i.e weather or pests. Our goal is to makes sure that in 40 years, the tree we plant in your name or business's name is growing healthy and tall.
When planted, each tree will be given a geo location and a name marker, it's location will also be documented in our database for easy reference and you may come any time of the year to visit your tree, but the most exciting time to be here will be at the annual events we intend to have.
Parts of this project are not for profit. If you desire your support to be allocated in the part of the project, please let us know and we will provide you with documentation outlining this..
Please for the love of all things, consult your tax attorney or financial guru to determine if this is in your jurisdiction or not as every city and state (and country) are incredibly different.
No, each purchase is nonrefundable. Each offset is given with the absolute guarantee and promise that your tree(s) will be cared for and maintained throughout their lives here at the Meadow and Pine Homestead. We will update our donors, should a replacement need to be made and our yearly events should also lend a lasting comfort in knowing your investments are well cared for and thriving.
We will make our very best effort to plant your tree within the upcoming growing season. Should you buy at the end of the season, in fall or winter, it will be held over in our greenhouse and tended to until we can transfer it into its forever location in the next calendar year after the last spring frost to ensure it's health and best chances of growth.
We’re pretty excited that you chose to participate on this project and want to show your purchase off like a Wall of Fame. If this isn’t something you want, we totally respect that. You can adjust the name we display with your purchase by going to the My Invoices option under the My Offsets tab in the top menu. From there, click the invoice you’d like to adjust the name for. You even have the option to be anonymous. You can only adjust names displayed on paid invoices. However, you can use only your first, or your full, or if you bought a tree on behalf of someone else, you can list their name in that box too. We’re really honored to show the world that there are some really awesome people out there.
If you’re feeling creative, or are wanting your tree to stand out, we’ve given the option for you to name it. (For example Sarah bought a Douglas Fir, a conifer, and named it Katniss Evergreen) After your purchase is completed, go to the My Trees option under the My Offsets tab in the top menu. On this page, you can edit the name of any tree you’ve purchased. We ask you keep the name PG. We reserve the right to restrict your ability to name trees if you don’t adhere to this really super easy rule. This is all about leaving a legacy for our kids, be a bigger person and name it something rad, not something offensive. Here’s a few names you can borrow…Baby, Duke Elmington, Little House on the Prairie Sky Poplar, Harry Poplar, Grandpa Cupcakes, Wilma, Helen, Potato, The Fresh Pine of Clean Air….Get it? Have fun with it, be wild, just not rude. Cool? Cool.