While many people have switched their home lightbulbs to a more efficient brand, updated their home insulation and have installed smarter thermostats, 87% of carbon dioxide emissions is human-produced. As of 2014, America ranked #2 globally for the most carbon dioxide emissions per capita. According to the U.S Department of Energy and Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, America has put out 1,432,855 metric tons of CO2. (* 1 metric ton is 2,204 pounds) Looking at it from a state by state breakdown, Colorado ranked #24 per capita. This again, means as Americans, we’re not using electricity or cars efficiently and are doing more damage than good. From the lights we use, to the appliances in our homes and our modes of transportation, we could be doing much better for our families, country and planet.


1-31-2018 - Colorado updates climate plan targeting greenhouse gases

The update proposes that climate variability be included in statewide water planning and using forest management practices that reduce wildfires, improve wildlife habitat and capture and store carbon that might otherwise be released into the atmosphere.