We wanted to provide a visual representation of our property, comparative to the surrounding state-owned prairie land for you to get an idea of where your future tree will live out it's days. Our 640-acre homestead has a fence around the entire perimeter. It is divided into 4 quadrants-all of which are also fully fenced (*not shown*). Your tree will be placed in a location that best suites its needs as far as the amount of sunlight and watering it requires to thrive. You will also notice the three planned areas for meadows, a year-round pond, the creek that runs through our property, the event barn for our yearly celebration, and our farmhouse. We hope to update the progress of the project with an accurate map each year. As this is our first year, this map reflects the desired result of our program.

It should go without saying, but should probably still be said, trespassing is strictly prohibited.