Colorado Springs is the most populous city in El Paso County and has shown continuous and steady growth since it’s first census in 1870. There is no evidence of slowing. In fact, it has been estimated that by 2050, El Paso County will overtake a built-out Denver County as the state’s most populated area, and will still have room for expansion whereas Denver will not. This is ideal for businesses and families as it ensures a booming job market, an affordable cost of living, as well as breathtaking views of Pikes Peak and the famous Rocky Mountains with room to grow. (*see graph*)

From a business standpoint, donating trees in Colorado Springs is a lower cost point compared to windmills or solar and because of this, you’ll have a higher return on your investment. The climate is favorable and mild-having almost 300 days of sunshine a year basically guaranteeing the most ideal weather for a tree to thrive far into your lifetime as well as that of your children. Ranked #18 on Forbes list for Best Places for Businesses and Careers, Colorado Springs is truly a desirable location.

Forbes also ranks Colorado Springs as the #8 Safest City in America. Which is ideal for families and individuals alike. People are generally friendly, and willing to help out, should you ever need. It is also a city with so many activities to try and spectacular places to see. Pikes Peak is right there, nestled on the west side of town. Taking the cog train to the top or driving to it in the summer to overlook the entire city is a breathtaking experience, literally, it's over 14,000 ft above sea level. Garden of the Gods is another popular place to visit here in town. Colorado Springs also has several shopping spots, fun restaurants, and is just a quick drive to Denver for that oh so fun nightlife. Known for it’s microbreweries, after a hike many people find the best way to relax is with a great beer. Colorado Springs has it all without the overwhelmingly claustrophobic metropolitan feel that larger cities have. To donate a tree here in your family’s name, only adds to that visual aesthetic that makes Colorado Springs so quintessentially Colorado. To say you helped create a forest would be something to be proud of. And to leave a lasting and positive legacy in such a worthy and beautiful city ensures Colorado Springs can be a city that is enjoyed for years to come.

Donating a tree in Colorado Springs is more than helping keep the air mountain fresh. Which is a nice enough luxury. Donating a tree in Colorado Springs keeps the air breathable yes, while lowering the level of smog particulates and decreasing urban heat pockets from the city's concrete. This means that mild and desirable climate is maintained and can continue to be enjoyed with minimal health risks for you and your employees or loved ones. Donating a tree here is providing shade as well as shelter for animals who also love living here. Donating a tree in Colorado Springs offsets the carbon from the large amount of electricity used in buildings, schools, shopping centers, offices, and homes. From the carbon dioxide emissions put out by cars on the road. Donating trees is the easiest and most affordable way to give back to your community in a way that goes above and beyond. Imagine this perfect city for your children where they play outside, where you work, where you hike, where you shop, where you thrive. Imagine the immense pride you can take when you tell people you helped create a forest right here in Colorado Springs. Take a big breath in. Can you feel it?