To Our Donors,

It is our hope that this first year of planting trees provided by our Offsets program is successful and worthy enough to celebrate with you; our friends, family, donors and project advocates. We've already started planning an event to give our deepest and most gracious appreciation to those of you who have donated trees and seen the beauty in our cause.

Tentatively scheduled for June of 2019, we plan on having a catered barbecue dinner here at the Meadow and Pine Homestead. A family-friendly event for you- our donors -to come meet us and your trees, visit the land, have delicious food and fun. There will be music, room for dancing, and enjoying the Colorado sunset. Ideally, gift bags will also be handed out for you to take home as a reminder that your donation is more than appreciated. RSVPs will be sent out in January with a scheduled date, time and food restrictions check list-to ensure the right food is provided. You will have to make your own travel accommodations, but we must say, Colorado in June is almost perfect.

We are excited to share this forest adventure with you! Please check out the and visit the website (*when you think of us*) for more news on this event as it draws closer and more trees are planted.

Thank you so much for your time, care, consideration and for donating to the Meadow and Pine Afforestation Project.